Our Story.


Hey there! I’m Nurse Jacque (pronounced JA-kee) Jackson, the owner and founder of Oh Baby Concierge. I’m a certified pediatric nurse (CPN) that has worked for Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), Methodist Hospital, and Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas. My entire career has been in pediatrics, where I spent most of my days and nights caring for newborns, comforting infants, and mending any number of childhood boo-boos over the years.

More recently, I’ve worked in Pediatric Cardiology, where I found myself educating patients and families about medical conditions, medications, and the proper care for babies and toddlers with cardiac defects. This became my absolute favorite part of my shifts--getting to know so many wonderful people--and it reinvigorated me professionally. Then, in 2014, everything changed. I had my first child, stopped working at TCH, and became a stay at home mom. 

I quickly realized that there was a serious lack of information given to new mothers and fathers during my transition from delivering my baby and bringing her home. It made me think about my career and how my experiences have helped me and my growing family, but it also made me understand that this was not the case for many others. I learned that a lot of new parents were clambering to find advice about what to do after bringing a baby home.

So, my love for teaching and my desire to help others has merged to form Oh Baby Concierge and I couldn’t be more excited to assist you in reaching your parenting goals and to share my knowledge with you. Let’s begin an amazing journey, right here - TOGETHER.


Nurse Jacque's Crew 😜

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