What's on the To-Do List Today?

Today we visited the playground. You have begged mommy to 'play slide' and 'play swing' all week, but I have been too occupied by what I thought was important to take you. I am reminded in the way you turn my face toward yours with your tiny but powerful hands that...laundry isn't important and the dishes in the sink can wait. You look at me; no you look INTO me and say 'pweese' while at the same time signing an open-handed circle across your chest. Who knew in all my years that it would be you to jar me into a reality that makes me check my priorities.  

Newborn Care

While I push you up high in the secure baby swing, your laugh and your smile pierce my soul. I have missed the sound of pure happiness and seeing your eyes close shut while your head tilts back in bliss. You get down from the swing and race across the mulch into the big kid area. Watching you run so fast yet not getting hardly anywhere is one of my favorite things. Your knees reaching high and your little feet tapping the ground. As I watch you, I see freedom in your stride and ambition in your eyes. You are fearless and brave and bold, qualities I pray stay with you as you are influenced by this world. Your determined spirit amazes me and I begin to imagine all of the great things you will do. Being your mommy is my greatest achievement and you teach me about patience and grace in a way that no one can. Seeing you scale the slide backwards and get back up as you fall down just before reaching the top....breathtaking...it is then that I know you will reach for the stars and never give up on anything you dream. In that moment that you head back up the slide, I am happy I put YOU at the top of my to-do list today. Since the beginning and forevermore, I speak to God on your behalf. I ask Him to keep your spirit light and your heart tender. Most of all I ask Him to fill you with love and grace. Mommy loves you...