You Need To Know What Happened and If My Buddy Tag Works


Fact: I lost my 2 year old at the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show. Fact: I did not have My Buddy Tag.

Fact: I wish I had.

My Buddy Tag
My Buddy Tag

The conversation I am having with you today is not to sell you something or even promote a product; I want to share a moment in time that my heart jumped out of my body and my soul shivered in fear.

As we do often, the kids and I loaded up one morning to meet our friends for a playdate at the rodeo carnival . The weather was perfect (we all know Houston is hot and humid) and all my daughter could talk about was seeing the animals and feeding the chickens.

The first thing we did was head indoors to the petting farm. It was so much fun watching the kids chase pigs and goats, and we even got to brush the deer and talk to llamas!  As soon as we walked out of the enclosed area, I grabbed my 2 year old’s hand while carrying my infant son in my arms. The group of us walked to the stroller corral where we were commanded to leave our strollers. As we all buckled the little people in, I said “stand with mommy, please.” I looked down to place brother in the seat and then looked back up again...SHE. WAS. GONE.

There had to be at least a thousand people there, children and adults. And I couldn’t find my little one. I screamed her name and my eyes scanned the area and NOTHING. Until finally I saw a couple of adults with searching eyes look in my direction. There she was, pointing and walking toward the pony rides. I couldn’t believe it. I had lost my baby and found her within what seemed like at least 10 minutes, but was likely only about 60 seconds.

This was the worst feeling I have ever felt. Seriously...THE WORST.

A few days later, I was in Baby’s 1st picking up a couple of indestructible baby books and talking to the employees about my experience when My Buddy Tag was suggested to me. I wasn't ready to head back to a crowded area with my babies just yet, so we tested it out at one of our favorite playgrounds.   

Like many new products these days, My Buddy Tag requires that you download an app for your phone in order to use it. This product is a bracelet/watch-like band that can be placed on the wrist, shoelace, ankle or belt loop of your child. With a metal clasp to close it, there is very little chance for your little one to figure out how to get it off! My Buddy Tag is pretty straight-forward to use, with the ability to add multiple ‘tags’ and link them with your pets or other children. The alarm is very loud when the distance between the tag and your phone has exceeded your preset preference. But my favorite feature is the map; it shows exactly where the Tag (your child) is located, including cross streets with the ability to zoom in.

As I await the next opportunity to use My Buddy Tag, check out my overall thoughts on it below!

My Buddy Tag
My Buddy Tag


Nurse Jacque