Is the Fever Frida Worth Your Time?



A couple of months ago I had not one, but two sick children. It’s the moment of dread for mommies across the globe. Constantly checking temperatures and administering medications was a mess as I filled in the time slots of my planner with each child’s medication times and fever readings. Gosh, it was tedious making sure to color code each child’s name with the correlating info and keeping up with who needed what when.

Recently, FridaBaby released a product called the Fever Frida. It's a device that allows you to monitor your baby's temperature without waking them. Amazing, right?! This is a mother’s dream. Everyone knows the worst part of having a sick kiddo is checking their temperature repeatedly and providing medication. What could be worse than that? Having to wake them to do it!  If only there was a way, right?! Well, the Fever Frida is our saving grace. Before we get started, I must say that in hopes of being prepared for my next sick date with the children, I tested this product on my child who did not have a fever. Adjustments were made to adequately review all aspects of the product.


Let's take this baby on a test ride, shall we?

The product itself is rather small-about two inches long, an inch wide, and about as thick as a Ritz cracker. The battery and five adhesives strips to help the Fever Frida stick to the skin are included. Putting it all together is a breeze. It takes about two minutes from popping in the battery, turning it on (with a small button on the actual device) and placing the adhesive over it and onto your baby.


In order to see the temperature readings and notifications, you must download the iThermonitor app. You want to do this ahead of time because the setup asks a few questions before it will begin taking the temperature. The questions are basic and allow you to input multiple factors such as whether your child has any underlying medical conditions and their sex, date of birth and name. 


The beauty comes in once the setup is over. You are able to sync your device with the Fever Frida over Bluetooth and immediately start seeing the numbers. Right away you will see the device increasing in degrees to calculate your baby's temp. You are able to set a minimum and maximum alert that gives off a pleasant, non-alarming chirp when the temperatures reach above or below what you have set.  I admit I was confused when mine went offline and began alarming. I had slipped into the kitchen for a cup of water and heard a noise unfamiliar to my home. It was loud enough to alert me but not an annoying bullhorn that might jar you from a peaceful sleep. 

One feature is tricky if your child doesn't sleep in the same room as you, but I found a way around it. When your device and the Fever Frida are not within 10ft of each other, the information stops recording, and while you are notified that it's not reading, you have to resync it by returning to within 10 feet of the device. You will need to have more than one device to get around having to stay within 10 feet. You must have a 2nd device in order to truly remotely watch over your little one. I used an iPad in his room and my iPhone to monitor from afar.

So with the device tucked snugly under the armpit of my little, who slept like a baby the entire night (pun intended), I was able to see a steady stream of temperatures in one minute increments on a graph. The app allows you to input when you gave medications, so when/if you decide your pediatrician needs to jump into the know, you will have a great reference for them to look at.

If you are the coolest mom on the block and want to let your baby/toddler/small child sleep through their sick days and nights uninterrupted, then the Fever Frida is the device for you.

The Rundown


  • Easy to set up
  • Baby doesn’t notice it
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Alarms work appropriately


  • Must have more than one device or stay with your child in the same room.
  • The initial reading takes approximately three minutes to populate data. 
  • Uses a lot of battery so keep your devices plugged in.

The Fever Frida is priced at $69.99 and its replacement adhesives are $7.99 for a pack of 10. Sooooooo worth the piece of mind knowing you will be able to watch how your little one is doing in real time. As a nurse, I take solace in knowing that this thermometer is actually recording an accurate temperature!

Locally, this item can be purchased at Baby’s and Kids 1st Furniture store, with many locations around Houston. I have walked into a couple of  Babies R Us and Target stores and have not been able to see them on the shelves. They are, however, available to purchase to online. This is definitely a product I would recommend to first time moms, and moms with multiple children. 

Happy Fever Busting!


Nurse Jacque