Family Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Did you know that 98.6 million Americans travel over the holidays each year, according to AAA? With so many people shuffling about all over the world, normal routines and safety precautions are easily forgotten, which can lead to dangerous situations if we are not careful. But don’t worry, I have taken the stress out of having to think about all of that and came up with a checklist for you to ensure the only thing you will need to worry about is how big the smiles will be on your children’s faces when they wake up on Christmas morning.

Safety Travel Tips

  • Car Seats. Make sure they are not expired. Yes, can you believe it? Car seats have an expiration date! Also be sure to visit the Safe Kids website for the proper way you should secure your child AND which way your child should be facing in the car.
  • Hand Hygiene. Yes, it’s hard to do when you are running around everywhere, but just imagine how many more hands are out touching the door handles, the escalator rails, the airplane seats and other things. It’s easy to create a routine while traveling to ensure hands stay clean. I like to wipe hands or use hand sanitizer right when we get into the car and right before we eat anything.
  • No Drinking and Driving. Need I say more? It’s not worth risking your life, your children’s lives or even jail time if you get pulled over and don’t happen to injure anyone. Just don’t do it.
  • DIY Travel Kits. Yes, I absolutely encourage and welcome a parent’s creativity when it comes to entertaining kiddos in the car. Just promise me this, don’t include small objects like marker caps, marbles, Lego pieces or other things that can block an air passage. This includes the nose and the mouth.
  • Eating in the Car. I know it may be incredible right-winged of me to stress the fact that you should pull the car over and park it before you start eating in the car. But for me who still has a rear-facing child in a car seat, I cannot see what he is up to and if I give him something to eat, he could easily choke and I might not even know it.

From my family to yours, we wish you a very merry and safe holiday season!