The Best Baby Nail Clippers of 2016


One of the most popular questions for new parents when it comes to caring for their newborn  is ”how do I clip my baby's nails?” While there are many products made to keep you from having to clip their nails such as the hand mittens and pull-over sleeves on clothing, these are not ideal. Just trim them! These things get in the way of your baby soothing himself and may interfere with hunger cues between feedings. Not to mention how yucky and lint-filled their mouth and fingers can become. So I get it, you are worried your baby will scratch herself and have a huge red mark on her perfect beautiful skin so you need a solution. And I agree. You need something that will help you get the job done safely.

Listed are my top 2 picks in no particular order. I've used them both for my children and haven't found anything that I prefer more from a nurse mommy standpoint.


Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer If you would prefer to save the real clipping until you feel more comfortable or your little one is a little older (which might be more difficult by then) the best option for you would be the Zoli Buzz-B Nail Trimmer.

how do I clip my baby's nails?buzz-b-buffer-pads

Honestly speaking, you truly can't go wrong with this baby. It's battery-powered with two speed levels but is completely gentle and safe to use. The Buzz-B comes with multiple buffer pads in easy to notice colors. These colors are based on the baby’s age, beginning with newborn, which make selecting the correct texture super easy.

There is no need to feel insecure about knicking their skin or clipping too far because you are merely buffing away until the nail is to the desired length. The only downside, which is truly subjective, is the duration of use. The pads packaging states 12 months+, however depending on your comfort level, the nails themselves, and the compliance of your child, you may be better off switching over to actual nail clippers by then. Otherwise, you might be buffing for quite a while.

The Buzz-B runs about $35 and is available in some baby stores, but I have mostly found them in more baby boutiques and higher end stores. It comes in a nice plastic carry case that makes it easy to transport and find in a busy diaper bag!


Nail Frida Snipper Clipper

Now, I understand that the anxiety about the dreaded nail clipping for your newborn is real but it really doesn't have to be, even if you don't go the Buzz-B route. Let's say you received a baby shower gift set and in it was the FridaBaby Nail Frida Snipper Clipper, Nurse Jacque’s other favorite.Nail Frida Review


Priced a lot cheaper than the Buzz B at $12, this is available at most stores that have a baby aisle. The Nail Frida is fairly new on the market and somewhat awkward to use at first. There is an open end on one side where you are able to insert the edge of the nail. You use this area to move your way around the nail and guess what?! You can actually see what you're clipping! It's genius. And on top of that, it comes with a very sturdy nail file to round off the corners for a safe touch. So even if you are a little timid about going near your baby with anything sharp, there is great reassurance with the Nail Frida.


It does take a little getting used to in terms of how you hold it and use the open end, but it's completely worth sticking with. My son is one year old and has hated his nails being clipped since day one. I am able to hold him down and trim his nails with the Nail Frida and not concern myself with cutting too far or grabbing any skin - even while he tries to escape!

Both of these can be used from day one of birth - and truly the choice depends on how confident you feel. There is no greater time than now to get in there and get those nails trimmed down. Which one will you go with?