2018 Goals: The Village & You

Ahem...so let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. YES, it’s the end of February and YES, I’m sharing my goals with you right now. 

I mean honestly? Why not?!

Aren’t resolutions meant to be broken where goals allow you the opportunity to be realistic in your growth? 

It’s been a while since I have spoken with you and I really want to be clear on a few things. 


Motherhood is hard


Motherhood is really hard without a village surrounding you. 


Motherhood is not about doing what everyone else does.

Now, let me get to those goals. 

I left Oh Baby Concierge in its crib last year because of #1. But I’m back now because of #2. And I want to shout about #3!

YOU are my village and I am yours. The END

parenting classes in houston.jpg

My desire and goal is to envelope myself around you as you travel through the long nights, decision-making and growing pains that motherhood transitions you through. 

There is no need to feel alone while your village looks for you - wondering how to be of help. 

My goal is to help you through education and support and encouragement...because, sister...you’ve got this

I know because I’m right there with you. My little ones challenge me every single day.  

Having children is the feat of all feats and feeling surrounded by loving and knowledgeable people makes the challenges less painful and it helps take some of the pressure off. 

Motherhood can be kind of scary, but with the power of know how, you're gonna rock this! I'm here to help you, whether it's with a CPR or Newborn class - even if you need help preparing for what to expect overall -  I am here

So now...I raise my juice box in the air (since that's what's always around) and say - LET'S Do this! Bring it on BABY!

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